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It would have to be a pretty cold rock, though - however massive - making the life issue a bit of a problem for those hoping to find the Anunnaki on an habitable world with an atmosphere at this distance.Nevertheless, Planet X is Planet X, and it's possible that a brown dwarf lies way out there at the edge of the solar system as well. It is well known that ancient Egypt was unified under one King, Menes, for the first time around 3000BCE.This format allows me to provide bite-size items of news, articles, as well as the publication of correspondence which might interest a broader audience: confirms that Sedna is not an isolated object; instead, both bodies may be members of the inner Oort cloud, whose objects could outnumber all other dynamically stable populations in the Solar System." and almost a dozen other Kuiper Belt Objects are aligned in an odd way compared with other objects in the solar system.The implication of this is that there may be another large planet well beyond Pluto affecting their orbits."One explanation for the alignment could be the tug of a rocky planet that is 10 times the mass of Earth that orbits the sun at 250 AU, the team calculate.This seems to be the implication of the shared symbolism employed here.

"I am thus proposing here the possibility that the structures of Gbekli Tepe were constructed to celebrate, and then follow in the course of the centuries, the appearance of a brilliant “guest” star in the sky: Sirius. Getting more insight in the symbolic world of the builders would certainly be of help; many of the animals [depicted on the stones] are tempting as representation of constellations, and – curiously enough – one of the most elaborated stelae present an upper register with three “bags” which are pretty similar to the three “houses of the sky” occurring in the much (very much!It was my later revision of Sitchin's theories that introduced the idea of a brown dwarf system, an idea which has since taken hold among Planet X hunters (6).But the late Zecharia Sitchin always maintained that Nibiru was probably a self-heated rocky world.Now, Zecharia Sitchin's proposal for this Planet X body was for a rocky world similar to Earth, but much more massive (5).Should a Ten-Earth-Mass planet be pinpointed by astronomers - by triangulating the various orbital anomalies of the new inner Oort Cloud objects like Sedna and 2012VP - then it would fit the bill for Nibiru.

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